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September 1st, 2006

12:08 am: ALL I HAVE TO SAY IS.................AH HELL NAW, WASSUP DAWG!!!.......................

July 23rd, 2006

12:53 am: JUNT!
This is crazy that this thing is still in use! I mean its been like 2 years since I started this JUNT and I haven't written in it in like forever!

I've figured that these live journal JUNTS aren't really journals. do you understand? I mean no one is goin to post something so personal on here so everyone can see unless they are like.....i don't know.

I've never really posted anything personal on here, this is like just so people can know what you are doin and comment on things! I mean if you feel comfortable putting personal things on here then go ahead but it just seems crazy to me! Well anyways this was another journal entry by the one and only aly.......oh yeah JUNT!!!!!!!

January 1st, 2006

01:15 pm: New Years Eve Party!!!
I had a great time! I am glad that everyone came!

Sunrise, sunset, sunrise, sunset.............wha, what, wha is happening, metamorphosis and I change into a butterfly........(a few know what this is who were at the party at like 1 or 2)

Current Mood: tiredi need sleep

November 24th, 2005

03:00 pm: THANKSGIVING DAY!!!!
Ok let me see where shall I begin.........
Well we've had some soccer games and our record as of right now is 3-1 so I mean pretty good!
Today is a glorious day because it's.......
Today is so wonderful because of all the food and the family get togethers and all that fun stuff and this also means that it is that much closer to Christmas!!!!!!
Today I have....
Made home-made bread
read The Lion, The Witch and, The Wardrobe to jess as she surfed the internet
listened to music and me and jess are goin to make a video
Played with the puppies
Made fun of jessies pie that she made earlier(it was more like pumpkin pudding)hahaha
Dunked jessie's head in the bathtub cause she wouldn't leave me alone and then when she got out she looked like she had a wig on it was pretty hilarious

Now I am waiting for about 6 when I can finally taste some yummy food(turkey mashed potatoes with gravy corn bread pies of its like a decopage of food and I can't wait to eat!)

AND GOD BLESS US EVERYONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Current Mood: giddyyeah.........
Current Music: Dixie Chicks- Cold Day in July

October 22nd, 2005

12:35 am: a life of.......(fill in the blank)
Well this weekend me rox and jess all went down to AL to see our dad. We had a fun time in the car just goofin and sing songs and all that fun stuff. We listened to Point of Grace Christmas and it made me so happy to hear those songs cause I love christmas time and it gets me in that mood.

I have one thing to say! This is the first weekend in along time that I haven't spent with my fellow nee kappers and I am goin to miss them! But we will spend a lot more time together soon!

Buying fun little jeweleries that look kiddish is fun! Me and Ash p went to claries on Thursday and we bought some bracelets and they are hella cute!

Ruf on Thursday was awesome! Ricky is a great speaker and just bein there was great! WE sang some great songs and a couple of new ones that I fell in love with! so I mean this is pretty much it for now and I hope that everyone has a great weekend and stay safe!!!!

Peace out my HOMIES!!!

Current Mood: tiredtired
Current Music: Backstreet Boys

October 8th, 2005

02:16 pm: This Weather is...........AWESOME!
Ok if your happy cause of this weather CLAP YOUR HANDS! **clap**clap

Fall makes me feel like a kid again: running around, goin on adventures, climbing trees

Ok watching the stars on the side of the road and sitting on top a van and laughing as loud as you can is the best!(wink wink annetood)

Hoodies rock my world!

The Simpsons is a wonderful show!

What if a picture of a flower really smelt like that flower? HOW CRAZY

Orlando Bloom is incredible BEAUTIFUL!!!

I have to admit one thing to everyone................I am a SOAP OPERA ADDICT! There I feel better! Everyday after school I watch All My Children and I love that show! Once you watch You just can't stop!

Well I am done but I hope that everyone who is on fall break has a great fall break and for those of you not on fall break have a good weekend!!!!!

Current Mood: coldcold but loving it!!!!
Current Music: My Hump~ Black Eyed Peas!!!!

September 22nd, 2005

09:05 pm: Which Mean Girl are you?

I don't know if the whole picture thing worked or not cause I am a little retarded when it comes tot he computer so it turned out that I was Cady Heron. Ok well anyways everyone has a good weekend and be safe.

Current Mood: tiredI need sleep
Current Music: Guster

September 15th, 2005

09:19 pm: The Most Wonderful Song!
Right now I am listenin to a song by Jason Miraz! It is so wonderful. Ok well now I am goin to put my thoughts down.

People change so much and when you thing you know them you realize you really don't

Music is so wonderful! I mean think about it what would we do without? Just sit around and make up stories. Well that would suck for me cause I can't tell stories worth crap! So music is wonderful

Um some people are so rude. They say whatever they want and don't care if they hurt people's feelings this guy at school just says whatever and when you say something back to him he gets mad. If you dish it then you need to be able to take it.

I wish everyone could all live close by. like all friends live close

I am out of thoughts I guess

OH yeah everyone I take my SENIOR PICTURES on Saturday! yeah I am so excited

Peace out Homies!

Current Mood: cheerfulyo
Current Music: Jason Miraz

September 2nd, 2005

04:02 pm: Hey
1. Go here.
2. Pass it on.
my answersCollapse )

August 28th, 2005

05:02 pm: A lil somethin somethin
Ok well I thought I would update, not a long entry but you know. Ok lets see
SENIOR Year is goin pretty well(considerin I get out at 10:55)
I really can't think of many things to write but oh well. I mean nothin really excitin has happened to me lately so I can't report anything like that.

The other night I was ridin back from Tupelo with Ms Joanie and Skippy and anyways the babe was sleepin and it was dark outside and there was some amazin lightning goin on! It was beautiful! I mean it was continuous and like would never stop! It was pretty sweet. Anyways later that night me, the boswells, aj, molly, rach, and jess all spent the night together and we had some fun!(wink wink)those aren't bad winks there like only those who were there know what the wink is about!!! I mean we had fun just hangin wit the girls. Well anyways I hope everyone had a SUPER WEEKEND and I hope everyone has a SUPER WEEK! Peace out

Current Mood: hopefuljust here
Current Music: keyboard keys
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